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Jia Bing are in the mini water pump and BLDC motor industry since 2009. After years of hard work Jia Bing has established a quality management system that is compliant to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. To ensure high quality all micro water pump manufactured by us are included inspection of incoming components, and 100% testing of final products. Our Mini Water Pump pricing is competitive even to similar lowest-cost products due to efficient production process. Also 2 year warranty is provided on our products.

  • Founded in 2009, Dongguan Jiabing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is the leading and biggest ISO/TS 16949 manufacturer in mini water pump industry in China. We Specializing in various micro water pump and fluid comprehensive solution.Our products includes solar hot water circulation pump,aquarium water pump,car electric water pump, etc.Our micro water pump are driven by Brushless DC motor. They are widely used in household appliances, food and beverage industrial, automotive ,alternate energy. Also used in medical, environmental and water treatment, water heater,water boost system,coffer maker,and other fields.
  • As the name implies Mini water pump is a type of pump with a small body. According to the drive form, mini water pump is divided into mini AC water pump AC and Mini DC Water Pump types. Compared with Mini DC water pump ,the production cost of Mini AC water pump is much lower than that of DC pump. So it’s widely used for home applications and used as a fish tank water pump and wave maker pump,. However, Mini Ac water pump should be driven by more higher than 220v voltage. It’s not so safety and with short life span. Mini DC water pumps are mostly driven by a 24 volt or 12 volt brushless DC motor. Therefore,micro DC water pump is much more safety than small AC water pump.

Main Applications of our mini water pump

  • Our Automotive electric water pump are mainly used in Pure electric buses motor control system hot water circulation ,Hybrid buses motor control system hot water circulation ,Engine cooling water circulation,battery cooling, antifreeze circulation etc.
  • Our food grade water pump are mainly used in Water Dispenser . Coffer maker. Personal care products. Juice machines. Water Purifying Machine, and so on.
  • Our mini water pump are mainly used in Home/garden application, such as bath machine, water saving machine, foot bath machine, music fountain, desktop crafts, green wall and flower irrigation, swimming pool water cycle, and so on.
  • Our Hot water circulation pump are mainly used in Heat water circulation,Solar water heater circulation and booster,Circulating systems for homes,Air-source water heater,Digital thermostatic gas water heater booster pump,Other machine hot water circulation etc.
  • Our Instant electric water heater pump are mainly used in Gas water Heater,Tankless water heaters ,Solar water heater. Other Water boost equipment etc.
  • Our high pressure pump are mainly used in Medium and small Laser cooling machine ,CNC machine, LED/Semiconductor cooling, Laser cutting machine, Marking Machine,Engraving machine, Medical water circulation ,etc.
  • Our Ultra Quiet Water Pump are mainly used in Plumbing mattress hot water circulation,Floor heating system,Circulating systems for homes,Bathing machine,CPU cooling etc.
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